Why Do We Need Court Reporters?

Court Reporting Company Philadelphia


People often ask “With all of the new technology and voice recognition software, do we even need court reporters anymore?” When we hear this we know our response – there is no machine that can replace human understanding of mood and conjecture. Court reporting is a career for which education, training and experience is critical. But we are not troubled because we know the answer and are confident that we do need court reporters. Human ones.
Voice recording and recognition technology are a long way from being able to detect nuances in human speech. Our often does your Smartphone know precisely what you are saying? Not often. It can be frustrating just to create a reminder or event in your phone with speech recognition; can you visualize how that would cause disarray in a legal proceeding? Would you want your case or that of a loved one comprised by a machine that could misinterpret or misreport significant testimony? These errors do not occur when the recording of testimony is done by skilled, knowledgeable Philadelphia court reporters. Court reporters are able to understand small variations within language such as accents, speed, or sudden switches between English and one’s indigenous dialect.

The list of reasons for an accurate human reporter can go on. Judges rely a great deal on the thorough written records that court reporters manufacture whether it’s for in court hearings or motions or depositions taking place in conference rooms across the city where our Philadelphia court reporters are working. Technology may fail, but our court reporters are reliable experts.  Judges, and all parties within the litigation, need dependable transcription of the day’s proceedings. The lawsuit and the people behind it are the one’s who are at risk.  It’s not directions to the nearest restaurant that you need, its accurate and reliable transcripts from Philadelphia court reporters.

Love Court Reporting, a Veritext Company has the most advanced reporting services in the industry. Among other benefits, technology today has made it so testimony is instantly translated from stenotype shorthand in real time for judges, lawyers and parties to access whether they are in the same room or spread throughout the world.

Our philosophy is relying on the combination of hi-tech services with the expertise of our Philadelphia court reporters for a supremely accurate, timely recording of legal proceedings. Contact us to schedule your Philadelphia court reporter for transcription of testimony with unsurpassed precision.